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DISNEY: Two worlds one family

Do you like animals?

What do you prefer being a human or an animal?

What is your favourite animal?

Can you describe any animal of this video?

Have you watched this film?

Did you recognize Tarzan?

What animal would you like to be?

Did you like this song?

Tell me your opinion on the comments below! Keep learning new words please.

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DISNEY: Let it go

How about this song?

Which season is it in this song?

Do you like “Frozen”?

Have you ever watched this film?

Which one is your favourite character?

Can you describe the singer in this song?

So, if you have any problems, just let them go like Elsa!

Try to learn every word as new vocabulary. You can make flashcards with them or your own personal dictionary.

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DISNEY: Poor unfortunate souls

Have you ever watched “The little mermaid”?

Do you like mermaids?

What do you think of this song?

What type of fish is Ursula?

Is she a villain?

Would you say yes to the treat that Ursula makes to Ariel?

Do you think you need your voice?

This is a very difficult song with difficult words but try to learn some of them.

Remember, never say “yes” to the villains.

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DISNEY: In summer

What is your favourite season of the year?

Have you ever watched Frozen?

What is your favourite song of this film?

What would happen to snowmen in summer?

Do you like going to the beach?

What do you usually do in summer?

Do you like the song?

Please, let me know your answers on the comments below.

How many words would you able to learn with this song?

Did you recognize any vocabulary?

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DISNEY: One jump ahead

Who is Aladdin? Can you describe him?

Why are there people trying to get Aladdin?

What did Aladdin steal?

Do you think stealing food is OK?

Do you like bread?

What is your favourite food?

How many man are running after Aladdin?

Do you enjoy the song?

Learn the lyrics if you liked it!

Don’t steal anything in the classroom or anywhere!

Answers on the comments please.

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DISNEY: I’ll make a man out of you

Do you know who is Mulan?

Is this character a woman or a man?

Do you like this song?

What do you think about this film?

Who is your favourite character?

Do you think men are stronger than women?

How many words are you able to learn today?

I’ve learned aaaallll this song already!

Ask me any doubts that you could have on the comments and of course, answer to those questions please!

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DISNEY: Zero to Hero

Do you want to be a hero?

Have you ever watched this film?

What do you think about Hercules?

Describe your favourite character of this film.

Does Hercules have any powers?

What power would you like to have?

Do you like this song or not?

Is easy or difficult to be a hero?

Are there more heroes in this video?