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Here we go again! This time is about school. If you can see, this vocabulary can be easy to learn because it is an elementary level.

Easy peasy, lemon squeeze!

Board game - SCHOOL.jpg

¡Aquí vamos de nuevo! Esta vez con la temática del cole. Como podéis ver, este vocabulario puede ser fácil de aprender porque es un nivel muy básico.

¡Está tirado!


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Is there a pen in your pencil case?

Are there markers in your classroom?

Do you like your school?

Is there a pencil on your table?

Have you got a notebook?

How many classrooms are there in your school?

Have you got a rubber?

Is there a laptop in your classroom?

How many crayons are there in your pencil case?

Let me know everything about your school life on the comments please!