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My dearest students!

How are you?

Alicia, Diego, Borja, Lara, Sheyla, Diego and Dani, these are the resources to practice this unit. Keep up your English!




BUILDINGS- Worksheets

READING: Comprehension


GAME 1: There is / There are


GAME 1: Listen and drop

GAME 2: Write “there is” or “there are”

GAME 3: Choose “there is” or “there are”

GAME 4: Spelling vocabulary

GAME 5: Spelling vocabulary (part 2)

GAME 6: Crocodile game

GAME 7: Complete with the letters

GAME 8: Listen and solve the puzzle



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Today I upload some worksheets to review the topic “BUILDINGS” and also how to give directions. I will probably renew this entry a lot, in order to improve its content, adding more worksheets because these are so basic.

Please be patient with me, good quality content takes a lot of time!

I hope you will find this useful and subscribe to my blog or write me some feedback. You can download them on the links below.


Hoy subo unas fichas para repasar el tame “BUILDINGS” (edificios) y también como dar direcciones. Probablemente renovaré esta entrada a menudo, para poder mejorar su contenido, añadiendo más fichas porque estas son bastante básicas.

¡Por favor, tened paciencia conmigo ya que un contenido de gran calidad conlleva mucho tiempo!

Espero que os sea útil y subscribiros a mi blog o escribidme algún comentario. Podéis descargarlas con los links de abajo.


WORKSHEET 1 – Review the vocabulary

WORKSHEET 2 – Match the word and the picture

WORKSHEET 3 – Write the words

WORKSHEET 4 – Complete the crossword

WORKSHEET 5 – Match the directions

WORKSHEET 6 – Fill the gaps

WORKSHEET 7 – Giving directions

WORKSHEET 8 – Designing our city


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GAMES: City Buildings

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GAMES: City buildings

How about a tour around the city? This time is about “CITY BUILDINGS”. In this game you have to choose the word related to the building that appears on the left.

¿Que tal un tour por la ciudad? Esta vez se trata de “EDIFICIOS DE LA CIUDAD”. En este juego tenéis que escoger la palabra relacionada al edificio que aparece a la izquierda.

GAMES: City buildings

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