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TOYS: Games (part 2)

In this post I would like to thank those people who develop a content and they share it with the rest of the world. And also to those webpages that allow you to create new materials for your kids. Now children can keep working on this topic. THANK YOU!

TOYS: Look and click

TOYS: Listen, drag and drop

TOYS: Look and complete

TOYS: Look and click on the correct word

TOYS: Listen and drop

TOYS: Listen and match

TOYS: Listen and click

TOYS: Choose the correct word

TOYS: Complete with the words

TOYS: Listen and choose the word

TOYS: Choose the words for the picture

TOYS: Translate the words into English

TOYS: Spelling

TOYS: Listen and make the word

TOYS: Solve using the clue

TOYS: Listen and write the letters

TOYS: Listen and complete the word

TOYS: Drag the letters and complete

TOYS: Listen and solve it

TOYS: Order the letters

TOYS: Guess the word

TOYS: Listen to each letter and complete

TOYS: Make the word

TOYS: Put the letters in the right order

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Idioms are very common in English and they have no meaning in Spanish so we should learn them by heart, or at least try not to die in the process. Here you have some of them with the correct expression in English, the translation in Spanish and a picture in order to remember them better. Those where collected from the Cambridge University Press‘s webpage, so special thanks for such an useful content. Try to learn one for day and make sentences with each of them. Tell me how you are doing and if you have any doubts, please comment down below! Thanks for everything and I am so sorry for not uploading posts so often. Easy peasy!

Los “idioms” son muy comunes en Inglés y no tienen un significado literal en Español así que deberíamos aprenderlos de memoria, o por lo menos intentar no morir en el intento. Aquí tenéis algunos de ellos, su expresión correcta en Inglés, la traducción al español y una imagen para poder recordarlos mejor. Éstos fueron recogidos de la página web de Cambridge University Press, por lo tanto, muchísimas gracias antes de nada por tan útil contenido. Intentad aprender uno por día y hacer oraciones con cada uno de ellos. Comentadme como os va y si tenéis alguna duda, por favor comentarios aquí abajo. Gracias por todo y siento mucho no poder publicar entradas tan a menudo. ¡Está chupado!