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OUR CALENDAR – Daily Routine

This is our new calendar for the first graders until fourth graders! Each day counts!

PRESCHOOLERS: Starfall Calendar

See you during our English Lessons

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GAMES: School Supplies

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SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Write the letters in the correct order

 We keep getting better at spelling. This time with school supplies and spelling. Look at the picture and try to put the letters in the correct order to create the word. Try it!

   Nos estamos volviendo buenos en el deletreo. Esta vez con el material escolar y el deletreo. Mira la images e intenta poner las letras en el orden correcto para crear la palabra. ¡Inténtalo!

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Write the letters in the correct order

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GAMES: School Supplies

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SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Find the object

Do you need an extra help with this? I don’t think so. It is very easy to find. Just pay attention to the wording. You can do it!

¿Necesitáis ayuda con esto? Pienso que no. Es muy fácil de encontrar. Sólo tienes que prestar atención al enunciado. ¡Puedes hacerlo!

Captura de pantalla 2017-06-03 a las 18.01.11.png

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Find the object


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In this video you can see some kids explaining their timetables.

What do you study on Monday or on Thursday?

Connectors in English are very important; they use “First”, “Then”, “Next” and “Finally”. Don’t forget them!!

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Is there a pen in your pencil case?

Are there markers in your classroom?

Do you like your school?

Is there a pencil on your table?

Have you got a notebook?

How many classrooms are there in your school?

Have you got a rubber?

Is there a laptop in your classroom?

How many crayons are there in your pencil case?

Let me know everything about your school life on the comments please!

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What is your favourite subject?

Do you like English?

When do you have Maths?

What do you study?

Do you study Galician?

Do you study Biology?

What do you study in Maths?

Let me know your answers on the comments below.
Remember, “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching”.