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OUR CALENDAR – Daily Routine

This is our new calendar for the first graders until fourth graders! Each day counts!

PRESCHOOLERS: Starfall Calendar

See you during our English Lessons

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WORKSHEETS: Introducing ourselves 1

Hello there! How do you do? First of all, I want to say sorry for not posting any content during the past few weeks. I have been working so hard that I did not have the proper time to upload anything. Now this is about to change, I have been designing some worksheets and I am going to start uploading those related with personal questions and personal pronouns.

I made them myself so if you see any mistake or problem, please let me know. I really hope they are useful and if you want to copy or share them be free to do it. Let me know your opinions, answers or requests in the comments below as always. Some of this exercises are tricky so try your best and have fun as always!

See you very soon!

¡Hola a todos y todas! ¿Cómo estáis? Antes de nada me gustaría disculparme por no subir ningún contenido estas semanas anteriores. He estado trabajando tan duramente que no he tenido el tiempo necesario para subir nada al blog. Pero esto está a punto de cambiar, he estado diseñando algunas fichas y empezaré subiendo aquellas más relacionadas con preguntas personales así como los pronombres personales.

Las he hecho yo misma así que si veis algún error o problema, por favor no dudéis en hacérmelo saber. Espero realmente que sean útiles y si queréis fotocopiarlas o compartirlas hacerlo con total libertad. Como siempre vuestras respuestas en los comentarios o cualquiera opinión o petición que queráis compartir. ¡Algunos de esos ejercicios tienen truco así que a por ellos y pasarlo bien!

¡Nos vemos muy pronto!


These are the links to the PDF document so you can download them.

Worksheet 1 – Fill the gaps

Worksheet 2 – Fill the gaps

Worksheet 3 – Match the conversations

Worksheet 4 – Complete with the correct word

Worksheet 5 – Complete with the words in the box

Worksheet 6 – Mini project (comic)

Worksheet 7 – Match the personal pronouns

Worksheet 8 – Complete with personal pronouns and possessives

Worksheet 9 – Mini project (interviewing a person)