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Five Little Pumpkins
Guess Who
Monster Shuffle
Skeleton Band
Halloween Costume Party
Toy Shop At Night
The Skeleton Band
Ghosts On The Coast
Three Scarecrows
Halloween Is Almost Here
Knock, Knock, Trick Or Treat
The Little Ghost
Corpse Bride
The Addams Family
JUST DANCE – This is Halloween
JUST DANCE – Ghostbusters
I’m In Love With A Monster
JUST DANCE – Un Poco Loco
JUST DANCE – Rave In The Grave
Zombie Shark
Halloween Dance Party
The Spooky Bus
Halloween Sharks
Ten Little Spooky Kids
Halloween ABC
Halloween ABC
Day Of The Dead
Spooky Pooky
The Dark House
The Skeleton Dance
Vampire Wedding
The Wedding
This Is Halloween
JUST DANCE – Thriller
Zing Song
JUST DANCE – The Monster Mash
JUST DANCE – Party Monster