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How to draw…

Here you have some ideas to promote your creativity!

How to draw animals, people, plants, trees…

Try to do as many as you can! Show me your results in the comments below 🙂

BTW, special thanks to ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS for the idea. These are masterpieces. THANKS FOR SHARING!

You can also take a look bath EASY PEASY AND FUN because this webpage is amazing!

How about starting with Pikachu? What do you think? I will show you my result in the comments! Pay attention in there! Let’s see who can draw the best Pikachu ever 😉



Printables 1: Animals collection

Printables 2: Animals collection


Printables: Plants collection


Printables: People collection


Printables 1: Buildings collection

Printables 2: Buildings collection


Printables 1: Vehicles collection

Printables 2: Vehicles collection


Printables: Food collection


Printables: Landscapes collection

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