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DISNEY: Be prepared

Have you ever watched The lion king?

What is your favourite song of this film?

What is your opinion about this song?

Do you prefer the villains or the good characters?

Maybe you know that the name of this villain is “Scar”, let’s search this word in the dictionary and tell me what it means in Spanish. Why is the reason that they called it like that?

Are you ready to keep learning more words?

You can do your own karaoke at home with all this new vocabulary.

Answers on the comments, as always.

Be prepared for tomorrow English lesson!

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DISNEY: Under the sea

What is your favourite song?

Can you live under the sea?

Tell me the name of 5 animals which live under the sea.

What is your favourite fish?

Do you think mermaids could exist?

Do you like this song?

Can you learn it all?

Try it! You can do it!