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What colour are your eyes?

Have you got a mouth?

Have you got long hair?

Have you got two ears?

How many noses have you got?

Is your nose big or small?

Are your ears small?



Sandra es la autora del blog "showandtext", o lo que es lo mismo, la innovadora idea del "enseña y cuenta" de toda la vida: "enseña y chatea". Aquí podréis encontrar diversas actividades o juegos, dependiendo del nivel de los alumnos y alumnas, para repasar, practicar o revisar algunos de los contenidos adquiridos en el aula. Los niños y niñas aprenderán a ser autónomos en su búsqueda del conocimiento, al mismo tiempo que se dedica una parte a los y las "teachers" (teachers' corner) donde encontrarán propuestas, recursos y DIY (do it yourself) materiales para aplicar diariamente.

6 thoughts on “THE MAGIC FINGER 1

    1. I’m deeply sorry. I don’t have a contact page for the moment, but I am working on it. As soon as I create it, I will tell you. Meanwhile, you can post your recommendations by comments. I really really want to hear them. Sorry and thank you for your comment!


    1. Thanks for your frankness. I know that my English is not perfect, I am doing my best to make it better. I will check my posts and see if I can find them all. Your comment was very useful to me. If there is anything else I can improve, please let me know.


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